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Financial Market Data and Research

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We connect you with the most robust content providers in the industry. Benefit from feeds such as:

StreetFeeds helps you to identify, design and develop tools that give your firm a competitive edge. Some of the tools we offer include real-time quotes, screeners, calculators, chart tools, streaming tickers and a portfolio simulation tool that allows you to create and backtest your quantitative strategies prior to implementation.

Working with the most cutting edge technologies is our specialty. We help you to leverage API solutions, XML and Cloud technology – to accomplish you’re objectives without burdening your IT team your network. Plus you’ll benefit from the high performance tracking and reporting that our technology offers.

Whether you need an expert advisor or simple staff augmentation, StreetFeeds provides the expertise you need in the areas of content strategy, product design and implementation, project leadership, RFP management, or contract administration. We look forward to partnering with you to help you achieve your data goals — seamlessly and efficiently.


Our Integridex unit is a leader in the Index and ETF industry, specializing in Dynamic Smart Beta Indexing. Integridex provides end to end index services, designing and building cutting edge, dynamic indexes and ETFs engineered to outperform their benchmarks. Integridex utilizes best of breed market research to create smart beta indexes for all asset types, themes, industries and geographies.

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On Wall Street information is power and StreetFeeds has powered the information needs of investment professionals across the globe for two decades. StreetFeeds specializes in Financial Market Data and Research product development, licensing and distribution. Our experts take the data and research our clients already produce to create new products and leverage them in new ways.

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